Poesía en voz de sus autoras: Chen Hsiu-chen 陳秀珍 – Taiwan

Chen Hsiu-chen, graduated from Department of Chinese Literature in Tamkang University and has been served as an editor in newspaper and magazines, now is one of the editor members of “Li Poetry Sociaty”. Her publications include essay “A Diary About My Son, 2009”, poetry “String Echo in Forest, 2010”, ”Mask, 2018”, “Uncertain Landscape, 2017”, “Tamsui poetry, 2018”and “BoneFracture, 2018” Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual “Promise, 2017” as well as Mandarin-English “My Beloved Neruda”.

Her poems have been selected into Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual anthologies “Poetry Road Between Two-Hemispheres, 2015” and “Voices from Taiwan, 2017”, Spanish “Opus Testimoni, 2017”, Italian “Dialoghi, 2017” and “Quaderni di traduzione, 2018”, as well as English “Whispers of Soflay, Vol. 2, 2018” and “Amaravati Poetic Prism, 2018”. Her poems have been also translated into Bengali, Albanian, Turkish and the like.


I have waited for you
on the bridge
for another whole day
without finding you.

The bridge has waited for me
on the water
for another whole night
with holding me.

I have waited for you
on the bridge for years,
the bridge has waited for me
on the water for centuries.

The bridge sighs with an autumn wind,
I bleed out of my heart.

Translated by Lee Kuei-shien


Fui al puente,


y otra vez

un día sin ti.

El puente me espera

sobre el agua

y otra vez

seré tuya una noche entera.

En el puente yo te esperé muchos años,

el puente sobre el agua me esperó muchos siglos.

El puente posee un suspiro otoñal,

y yo tengo un corazón sangrante.

Traducido por Nuria Suiling